Books by Paisley Kirkpatrick

Stealing Her Heart by Paisley Kirkpatrick book cover

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Paradise Pines

Marriage Bargain, Forever After, Night Angel, Broken Promise, One-Eyed Charly, Stealing Her Heart

About Paisley

Discovering that riding off into the sunset was a lot easier on a computer screen than in real life, not to mention those saddle burns, Paisley Kirkpatrick began her career as an author. Hiding in the Sierra Mountain Range of California for 21 years with her husband, Paisley Kirkpatrick spent her time roping in the cowpoke of her dreams or wandering the streets of California’s gold rush towns to find inspiration for the books in her Paradise Pines Series. She might not have found gold in them there hills, but she did find a love for the old west and the prickling of the stories that make up her series.

Drawing on her family history and a healthy imagination, Paisley kicked off her wild ride on a dusty trail with Night Angel. Don’t worry your little heads, though. It’s the first of many adventures in a time when men were men, and women knew how to put them in their place. If you love your cowboys rugged with a sensitive side, and your heroines with enough fire to light up the western sky, you’ve got a home waiting in Paradise Pines. Just be sure to bring a six-shooter because the Lady Paisley aims for the heart, and when she fires, she never misses.

Settled now in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with her husband, Paisley spends her free time fishing and watching swans swimming down the river behind her house. Their move to Tomahawk and getting to know her husband’s family inspired a new series. She has grown to love the land of Hiawatha and the tall tales of Paul Bunyan. Their spirit adds to the stories that make up her new Northwoods series.